I am a Tither. That means that I give the first 10% of the increase which comes into my hand to the church I attend. When you link to this website, you are declaring that you or your business give the Tithe, the Tenth.

Beyond my Tenth, I also give offerings. Offerings are gifts above and beyond the Tithe. These could be given to your church, to other ministries and organizations and to People who are NOT the object of your charity.

Charitable giving is NOT a Seed. God says that “when you give to the Poor you lend to the Lord”. He will GIVE that money back to you – not MULTIPLY it back to you. That being said, motive is everything and therein lies a great secret.

Offerings are likened to seeds which when planted into “good soil” will result in a harvest providing more seed to sow in a never ending upward spiral of provision and prosperity.

But the Tithe comes first. Until the Tenth is taken care of, there is NO Offering which God  can multiply as a seed – because it is NOT a seed, it is just a partial Tithe given grudgingly.

planting-seedA Farmer planting one corn seed in May will harvest nearly 1000 new corn seeds by October. He would be surprised if he did not.

Malachi 3:10 states that the Tithe opens the windows of Heaven and causes God to rebuke the Devourer for my sake.  Then my Offering gives God the right to multiply it back to me through those open heavenly windows.

Like a Farmer, if much seed is sown his harvest is large. If little seed is sown his harvest is small. If no seed is sown, there is no harvest whatsoever. But that decision is left to the Farmer. He is the one who determines how large his harvest will be and what sort of soil he will sow it into.

God has created a 3-step process which enables Him to bless His obedient sons and daughters in an extravagant way. Giving is what He likes to do. It brings Him pleasure.

ear-of-corn-inspectionStep #1: Bring the tithe (10% of your increase) to the temple (your church) storehouse that there may be provision in God’s house (not your house) to accomplish His will and purpose in the Earth.

Step #2: God then pours out increase in a multiplied fashion according to the measure that His sons and daughters have chosen to give additional offerings above and beyond the tithe into His Kingdom work.

Step #3: Repeat Step #1.

When we fail to tithe, God declares that we have robbed Him. Now, God doesn’t need my money to make ends meet in Heaven – His lifestyle will not suffer if I don’t tithe.

No, I  rob Him by denying Him permission to multiply back to me what I have willingly chosen to give to Him. I rob Him of the opportunity to become everything He wants to be in my life.

farmer-tractorAs Paul said, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the Increase. All growth and increase comes from God. And God’s pattern is to multiply whatever is planted into good soil into an abundant harvest given some time.

Plant nothing. Harvest nothing. Plant abundantly. Harvest abundantly exactly what you planted. Farmers don’t plant corn expecting to harvest soy beans.

Would you accuse a farmer of being greedy because he planted a lot of seed? Instead, wouldn’t you consider him rather stupid if he planted just a few seeds per acre?

Perhaps you would even suspect that he wasn’t really a Farmer…

But, Step #1 must be performed by man before God can perform Step #2. Our Father is a Just God. He is no respecter of persons. He will not play favorites. We can follow His instructions and be blessed to be a blessing to others, or refuse to participate in the family abundance plan – declaring “Father doesn’t know best”.

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